Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

After two years of winning just six games, Puddlemere United has won a franchise high eight games, on the brink of a 2014 playoff berth. Going in to week 11, Robyn was poised to collect her 9th victory and officially be the first team in 2014 to clinch a spot in the post season.

Matching up against the struggling team of Rookie Mistake, Puddlemere United was a lock, right? By now we should all know that nothing in fantasy football is a lock, especially when Eli Manning is your starting quarterback. Without the services of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant Robyn had a challenge in week 11, but nobody would have guessed she would struggle to score 55 points. 54.70 points is not something we expect to see out of the league’s best team, regardless of bye week or injuries.

Week 11’s loss could prove to be costly as Puddlemere United matches up against Favre Dolla Footlong in week 12. Favre Dolla Footlong, a team that had held the league’s top spot for 9 straight weeks will be looking to make a statement against Puddlemere United after having lost 2 weeks in a row. A week 12 loss to Favre Dolla Footlong would knock Puddlemere United out of 1st place in the Western Division =, potentially costing Robyn a 1st round bye.

Puddlemere United with battle Favre Dolla Footlong in week 12 for control of the Western Division


cam newton

After losing two out of three weeks, Josh has put together 2 wins and a row. Taking a commanding 2 game lead in the Eastern Division with just two weeks left to play. Along with Puddlemere United, Josh has assumed a spot in the playoffs along with putting the top spot in the Eastern Division, for the most part, out of reach. For Beats By Ray to fall out of the Eastern Division’s top seed, Josh would have to lose the remaining 2 games, and either ThankYouLordBreesus or the Dundas Blues would have to win out and outscore Beats By Ray.

Last week Josh made a trade to bring in AJ Green and Tre Mason in exchange for a 1st round pick, Andre Williams and Andrew Hawkins. This trade proved to be the difference as Josh was able to upset ThankYourLordBreesus in week 11. A Surprising move for a guy who proclaimed Andrew Hawkins to be a “top 5 WR”.

Without a 1st round pick next year, Beats By Ray’s 2014 season is championship or bust.

Beats By Ray looks to clinch a 1st round bye and eliminate Schmidt Schmidt from playoff contention in week 12 against the Woodville Peckers.


matt stafford

After I give the guy props, he goes ahead and loses two in a row, three out of four games. After losing to the Dundas Blues in rivalry week, Favre Dolla Footlong shit all over themselves in week 12, scoring just 62.02 points. A baffling move by Vosters was to bench Mike Evans a week after scoring 18.50 points in week 10. For those who don’t pay close attention to Tampa Bay Buccaneers football, Mike Evans went off for 32.90 points in week 11. Mrs. Vosters explained that the she “okayed” a move to put DeSean Jackson in the starting lineup over Evans, but the fact that the idea was even conceived falls squarely on the shoulders of team owner, Andy Vosters.

For 9 weeks, Favre Dolla Footlong stood over the rest of the league, daring it to challenge for the top spot. Perhaps Vosters and Favre Dolla Footlong have gotten more than they bargained for as they have fallen from 1st, down to 3rd place. With teams like Thugs-R-Us and ThankYouLordBreesus in position to knock them down even further, week 12 is a must-win for Favre Dolla Footlong.

Favre Dolla Footlong marches into a battle against Puddlemere United in week 12. Winner gets control of the Western Divisions top spot.



After 11 weeks, Thugs-R-Us finally gets to activate Josh Gordon, who was suspended for a large chunk of the season after getting caught smoking marijuana for the 2nd time.  Mike has grown a reputation for stashing players for an excruciating amount of time, often with little to no payoff. For example, last season Mike held on to Percy Harvin for the entirety of the 2013 season, only for Harvin to contribute a grand total of 1.70 points. SEVENTEEN YARDS. Roddy White also received some significant time stashed away on Mike’s bench last season with limited success. Let’s hope that Josh Gordon pays off the 11 week stash with a big performance against Atlanta.

Even without Josh Gordon, Thugs-R-Us has been able to put together an impressive string of games, winning four of their last five games. Their only loss in that span, a bye week casualty to Beats By Ray. With a week 12 victory over the lowly Lincoln Llamas, Thugs-R-Us could very well overtake Favre Dolla Footlong for the league’s 3rd spot. An impressive feat for a team that lost their 1st round pick prior to week 2.

Thugs-R-Us will look to keep on rollin’ like Daunte Culpepper in week 12 versus the Lincoln Llamas who are coming in with a 2 week win streak.



After putting together an impressive 5 game winning streak, ThankYouLordBreesus has fallen off, losing two weeks in a row. As is the case with Green’N’Yello, Abby is somewhat reliant on the New Orleans Saints to play well for Drew Brees and Mark Ingram to produce for her fantasy team. Unfortunately, the Saints, and the whole NFL South, have been awful. A team that is supposed to be unbeatable at home has lost their last two home games and coincidentally, so has ThankYouLordBreesus.

ThankYouLordBreesus has had high projections the past two weeks, but their running backs have been unable to come through on said projections. Specifically Matt Forte and Mark Ingram. Mark Ingram was destined to come back down to earth, as Alabama running backs have had a knack for busting in the NFL. Our beloved Eddie Lacy being the lonely, lonely exception.

It is not all doom and gloom for ThankYouLordBreesus. With a record of 6-5, Abby sits well within the playoff race. 5th overall, 2nd in the Eastern Division. Winning one of their remaining games will put them in good position to reach the post season.

Week 12 will be Abby’s biggest hurdle yet. ThankYouLordBreesus matches up against Green’N’Yello, a team hell bent on spoiling the season of the remaining teams on their schedule.


Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks

At the conclusion of week 6, the Dundas Blues hung their head with a record of 1-5, in sole possession of last place in the league. At this point, EVP would have been wise to sell off his assets that he didn’t wish to keep and build for next season. Aka the Scooooob strategy. Instead, EVP dug in and put together a winning streak including victories over Beats By Ray, Favre Dolla Footlong, and the Woodville Peckers.

Barring an unforeseen injury, the Dundas Blues will most likely add a 6th victory to their winning streak against the league’s worth team of Scoooob who recently sold off any real asset that could keep them competitive in 2014.

The Dundas Blues need to win out to get into the post season as their points total will not be high enough to trump the other 6 teams in the mix for the playoffs. All signs point to a showdown between the Dundas Blues and ThankYouLordBreesus in week 13.

EVP looks to continue winning in week 13 against Scoooooooooob.



A bit of a schedule anomaly, Sam has been able to put together 2 wins in a row. One over a Scooob team that gave up weeks ago. Another over Puddlemere United that was brutally handcuffed by the bye week. Either way 6-5 is still impressive, given that Sam has only made one roster move, if you discount the waiver moves that the commissioner had to do for her.

Making her return to fantasy football after a successful 2012 campaign, Sam’s 2014 season has been a struggle. A lack of internet, and issues with the yahoo interface have proven to be Sam’s biggest challenge this year, yet she still finds herself very much alive in the playoff race. A proven winner who knows what it takes to win games, Sam has a relatively easy battle in week 12 against a Putzy Schmucks team that is absolutely crippled by the Pittsburg Steelers’ bye week.

Much like the Dundas Blues, Rookie Mistake needs to win out and achieve a record of 8-5 as their point total will not be high enough to win any tiebreakers. Rookie Mistake could very well be responsible for knocking Favre Dolla Footlong out of the playoffs in week 13.

Sam will look to make it 3 in a row against the struggling Putzy Schmucks in week 12.



Before the season started, Schmidt Schmidt made the joke that he would add the letter “O” to his team name for every victory. Fortunately, Schmidt Schmidt decided against such a thing as the Woodville Peckers would only have 1 “O” left. To make matters worse, the owner of the Peckers owes the owner of the Dundas Blues another submarine sandwich from Cousin’s Subs. Ham and provolone, of course.


What I didn’t realize is in head to head matchups, the Woodville Peckers all time record versus the Dundas Blues is 0-3. That’s 21 inches of sub sandwich.

It is not quite panic time for Schmidt Schmidt as his Woodville Peckers seem to be the only team that has the points total to get into the playoffs with a record of 7-6. A victory over Beats By Ray would do the job, as the Woodville Peckers have Scoooob in week 13, an all but guaranteed victory. Roger Goodell had Schmidt Schmidt’s back as he made sure Adrian Peterson did not play another down in 2014. Had Josh been able to start Peterson, the Peckers would have been on the wrong side of a nightmare matchup.

As I said before, a victory over Josh in week 12, and Schmidt Schmidt is in fantastic shape for his first playoff berth in the history of the Woodville Peckers.



  • Puzty Schmucks are officially eliminated after a week 11 loss
  • Lincoln Llamas waited too long to put a winning streak together
  • Cathy is going to be a major spoiler for the rest of the league with the red hot Packers offense
  • Scooooob is the 12th ranked team in the league and will never hear the end of it



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