BESTPIX Seattle Seahawks v St. Louis Rams

All season long, I wrote about how Beats By Ray was playing way above their head and would eventually come back down to earth. That just never happened. With an unorthodox strategy, Josh has been able to build himself a championship contender, and perhaps the favorite to take home the 2014 WSC Fantasy Football title.

A few weeks ago, Josh made an eyebrow raising trade sending a 1st round pick to Scoooob in exchange for AJ Green and Tre Mason. What appeared to be a mere “throw in” in Tre Mason has blossomed into a game changer with keeper potential for next season. Last week, Mason exploded for 34.40 fantasy points in part of Beats By Ray’s 25 point beat down of Green’N’Yello. Mason joins the prolific group of TY Hilton, Denard Robinson, AJ Geen, and Justin Forsett in one of the league’s scarier starting lineups.

At the end of the regular season, Beats By Ray would only lose three times on their way to a 10-3 record. Tops in the league, good for a 1st round bye in the playoffs. Josh has earned himself a worry free week 14



Puddlemere United was one of three teams to have clinched their place in the playoffs back in week 13. This is the 1st taste of post season for Robyn’s franchise, but it appears as though Puddlemere United is just getting started in terms of being a perennial playoff and championship contending team. The lone question mark for Puddlemere United is that in the last 3 weeks, Robyn has been unable to eclipse the 100 point mark. Averaging just 76.55 in that stretch, Puddlemere United will need to field a better lineup if they wish to advance in the playoffs. Fortunately, Robyn has 2 weeks to figure out her optimal lineup.

Before this fall’s draft, Robyn elected to bring back Wes Welker and Montee Ball as Puddlemere United’s keepers from 2013. At the time is seemed like a good idea, but soon after the keeper deadline, Wes Welker sustained a concussion, followed by a league suspension for “poppin’ a molly”.

At the end of the regular season, Robyn’s keepers would be good for a grand total of 68.8 points. Woof. Compared to Puddlemere United’s alternatives for keepers, the Ball/Welker combination looks like a horrible decision in hindsight.

WELKER/BALL                    DESEAN JACKSON            DELANIE WALKER            ANDREW LUCK

5TH + 8TH Round pick               7TH Round pick                 9TH round pick               9TH Round pick

68.8 fantasy points                     124.00 points                   91.30 points                  308.74 points

Yeah, the Andrew Luck comparison made me gag a little when I first read it, too. Especially when you compare his stats to Robyn’s current QB, Tony Romo, who has a grand total of…wait for it….188.32 points. Eeeeeeesh.

In spite of those early season moves, Robyn has been able to will Puddlemere United to a 9-4 record. She has earned herself a bye this week and will be able to relax while Mike sweats it out in week 14.



After starting the year an abysmal 1-3, Abby has gone on to win 7 of her last 9 games  on her way to accumulating the league’s highest point total. Speaking of scoring points, the 3 playoff teams from the East Division have higher point totals than that of the teams in the Western Division. They’re also seeded higher too. Remember all that chatter about the East being soft? Me either.

ThankYouLordBreesus goes into their 1st round playoff matchup against in-house rival Favre Dolla Footlong, who mercilessly thrashed Abby by 35 points in their last meeting in week 4. In that matchup, Abby was without Demaryius Thomas who was on a bye week, meanwhile Favre Dolla Footlong had both Jordy Nelson and Demarco Murray run wild for 22 and 27 points, respectively. The matchup looks to favor ThankYouLordBreesus this time around as both Nelson and Murray haven’t seen north of 20 points in the past 3 weeks. 5 weeks for Murray. Meanwhile, Drew Brees has flipped the switch for Abby, scoring 29 and 30 points in the last two weeks. To sum up, Abby is trending upward and Andy is suckin’ wang.

ThankYouLordBreesus faces off against Favre Dolla Footlong in round one of the 2014 fantasy football playoffs in week 14.


New York Giants

All the anticipation for Josh Gordon’s return and the WR has turned in performances of 12 and 7.5 points. Hardly worth all of the noise that his return had made, but not horrible considering he hasn’t played in a game since last season. For a team that needs some help at WR, it is a bit perplexing that Mike would give up on Donte Moncrief so quickly. Granted, at this point, he’s not an every week start, but Thugs-R-Us is known for long, roster crippling stashes. Thugs-R-Us picked up Moncrief on October 25th, only to trade him to Woodville on November 6th. Trades in this league take 2 days to process, so the Moncrief trade was actually agreed upon on November 4th.  So a guy that Thugs-R-Us management was high on lasted only 10 days. A player who scored 26.60 points last week might be worth another look, dude. Moncrief was ultimately cut by the Woodville Peckers 5 days later and has sat in the free agent pool ever since.

I don’t want to say that Mike draws a favorable matchup in the 1st round of the playoffs, because on paper he’s an 11 point dog in his week 14 matchup against the Dundas Blues. However, Mike has simply owned EVP in the playoffs. In the 2012 playoffs, Mike outlasted EVP 136-125. In 2013 Mike was somehow able to outscore EVP 149-139. I can’t believe I scored 139 points in a loss. What the fuckin’ fuck? Ugh.

Thugs-R-Us will look to continue his post-season streak over the Dundas Blues in week 14.


Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks

The winning streak finally came to an end. When it was all said and done, EVP snapped off 6 wins in a row, streaking into the league’s 5th seed. It was damn close to being 7 in a row, if not for both Andre Ellington and Jimmy Graham forgetting show up last week. Had either one of those players scored even half of their projections, the Dundas Blues would have earned the victory. Even with the loss, EVP owns the league’s hottest team. The Dundas Blues are averaging 123.75 points since week 8.

While battling through the dreaded “running back by committee” in Cincinnati, and banged up Andre Ellington, EVP has been able to get production from the RB slot in CJ Anderson. Thinking about it, it appears as though the Dundas Blues have adopted/stolen the strategy of Puddlemere United in having the Denver Broncos starting RB and slot/possession WR(Emmanuel Sanders). The Dundas Blues go into the post season with nothing to lose. A team that started 1-5, just reaching the post season is a success.

EVP will try to exercise his post season demons against Mike and Thugs-R-Us



Oooooooh, Vosters. After starting the season at 6-1, Favre Dolla Footlong has shit all over themselves, tallying a 1-5 record to finish the season. Uh oh. After finally giving props to where I thought they belonged, Vosters fell from first to worst. Had Rookie Mistake been able to score more points this season, Favre Dolla Footlong would have fallen out of the playoffs altogether.  In the Dundas Blues recap above, you’ll see that the Dundas Blues have been averaging a league best 123.75 over the last six weeks. Favre Dolla Footlong? A whopping 96.92 points. Andy is going to need more than that if he has any hope of a championship or even advancing.

Favre Dolla Footlong is a bit of a mystery because it’s not as if they have been suddenly devastated by injuries or anything. Andy still has all of the players that helped him achieve his hot start. Perhaps an even more talented roster if you count Mike Evans. Although Matt Stafford has been wildly inconsistent, and ownership has made no effort in upgrading at the QB position.

All in all, the fans and ownership of Favre Dolla Footlong should be celebrating as Vosters has clinched a spot in the post season for the first time in franchise history. Vosters is going to need to flip the switch and put up some competitive numbers if he wishes to keep the his season alive.

Favre Dolla Footlong matches up against wife and in-house rival ThankYouLordBreesus in week 14. The winner going on to the 2nd round.


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