2014 Year in Review

I’ve been getting questions about the league recap, so I’ll go ahead and release what I have at this point. The remaining 5 teams won’t take as long. I promise.


Scooooob started the year with a bang when he acquired top tier WR Brandon Marshall with only having to give up Michael Floyd, TY Hilton, and suspended RB Ray Rice. Ray Rice would end up never playing a down in 2014 and Floyd and Hilton were just roster filler the previous year. The trade for Nicky G was a no-brainer. On paper it was a terrific trade, however when the season was over, TY Hilton had outscored Brandon Marshall by 58.40 points. To be fair, Marshall did have his season cut short due to injury, but even before then he wasn’t playing up to Hilton’s level. Part of that is on Jay Cutler.

Nicky G raced out to a 2-2 record to start the season and went on to lose every single remaining game on the schedule. Nicky G straight up stopped managing his team around week 7, the poorest of sports.

Nicky G is unsure on whether or not he will return to the league next year. #sourgrapes


One thing I don’t think I’ll ever understand is how the Lincoln Llamas didn’t win more games over the past two season. Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch are arguably the best two players as far as fantasy points. Looking into Becky’s 2014 draft, every player that wasn’t a 2013 keeper failed to move the needle at all. Yahoo gave the Lincoln Llamas a B for a draft grade but, in my opinion, the other 15 draft picks were bye week fillers.

The Lincoln Llamas did manage to jump out to a 2-1 record including a week 3 statement win over Thugs-R-Us. I probably made a big deal out of it at the time too. However, in classic Lincoln Llamas fashion, Becky finished the year going 3-7. To recap the franchise record since joining WSC Fantasy Football, the Lincoln Llamas finished at 3-11 in 2012, 6-7 in 2013, and 5-8 in 2014. Becky has made her living at the bottom of the leagues standings since league inception, and prospects for 2015 are already bleak.

The Lincoln Llamas are essentially the Cleveland Browns of WSC Fantasy Football. They get off to a nice start, but then hopelessly, tragically, fail to live up to expectations. For instance, in 2014 the Cleveland Browns were at one points sitting with a record of 6-3. Brian Hoyer had media members questioning where Johnny Manziel would be traded because clearly Cleveland didn’t need him. ESPN did a feature during their pregame about how this was the year the Browns took the next step, etc. They had this dickface apologize for being wrong:


HE WAS ONE GAME OFF!!! Poor guy. If I were him, I would have written a follow up article pounding my chest about how I pretty much nailed it. Maybe he did, who cares? Speaking of Cleveland, remember when they “stole” a first round pick from Indianapolis in the Trent Richardson trade? Well, in a roundabout way, they used that draft pick on Johnny Football. Yikes. By the way, I think if you are over 21, you can go ahead and stop calling yourself “Johnny”. Or Billy, or Kenny, whatever your name is, just take the “Y” or “IE” off of your name. You’re a grown ass man. Willy is, and always will be, okay though.

Here’s to hoping that Becky makes a Vosters-type leap next year.


Sam made her triumphant return to WSC Fantasy Football in 2014. Starting the year in similar fashion to her dominant 2012 campaign, Sam raced out to a 3-1 record. However, internet issues, and a lack of understanding of the Yahoo Fantasy interface made things difficult, and Rookie Mistake was only able to muster a 7-6 record.  As far as wins and losses go, Rookie Mistake had enough to reach the playoffs, unfortunately Rookie Mistake had a few games where they struggled to reach 70 points. That lack of points held Sam back from reaching the playoffs.

Rookie Mistake was one of two teams to use the Auto pick method of drafting, and Sam’s results were good, not great. Players like Alfred Morris and Victor Cruz can bring you consistent numbers, while Jimmy Graham is arguably the best player at his position. The downfall of Sam’s roster was lack of depth and total lack of quarterback. RGIII and Jay Cutler are good picks if you want to stash a guy and see how it plays out, but you need to have a consistent QB in the meantime.  Rookie Mistake not only refused to grab some insurance at the QB position, but they refused to grab a legit starting quarterback after both RGIII and Cutler backfired. I know Tom Brady was on the waiver wire fooorrrreeeevver. Come on, Sam.


It’s tough to be hard on Andrew because he has no pro football in his home state. I’m sure the NFL plays in Nebraska but how much pro football knowledge can you expect a guy to have? For instance, I don’t know shit about the NHL. The NHL isn’t in my state, it’s hard to care when I’m not exposed to it. Badger Hockey is kind of a big deal, but meh. Andrew is a big fan of Cornhusker football, but college football fans aren’t necessarily fans of the NFL. Why does this matter? Why am I making excuses for the Putzy Schmucks you ask? I’ll tell you why, because a person with regular exposure to the NFL would know that players like Sidney Rice, Jermichael Finley, and Nate Burleson are no longer in the league thus not drafting them. Andrew went ahead a drafted all 3 of them. The Putzy Schmucks poor draft resulted in a 1-4 start and essentially ended their 2nd season before it really got started.

Props to Andrew for eventually figuring it out though as he was able to get the Putzy Schmucks to finish the season strong with a 5-3 record. Unfortunately, that’s really all the praise I can give. Yeah, the Putzy Schmucks stuck it out with Tom Brady who eventually returned to elite form. However, Andrew declined a trade to unload Ben Roethlisberger for a 7th round pick when EVP was in desperation mode to reach the post season. Why have 2 elite QB’s when you’re year is finished?


If you were to ask Cathy how a championship team a year ago could fall on such hard times she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that Eric was supposed to manage her team. True, she did have some assistance in her championship campaign of 2013, the training wheels were taken off in 2014 and we all saw what happened. Eeesh.  It’s worth noting that Green’N’Yello had the hardest schedule in the league in 2014. The easiest you ask? That would be one Josh Gritzuk and Beats By Ray.

Draft night brought a mixed bag for Green’N’Yello. Cathy was able to corral Packers Aaron Rodgers, Randal Cobb, and Eddie Lacy. The rest of Green’N’Yello’s selections were boom or bust players, most of whom busted in 2014 save for Steve Smith who was more of an afterthought with a 14th round pick.

All was not lost in 2014 for Green’N’Yello. After a strong showing in the 2014 consolation bracket, Cathy secured the 2nd overall pick in the 2015 draft. With only the Woodville Peckers in front of them, Green’N’Yello is in prime position to bring back Aaron Rodgers for a 3rd consecutive season. If Cathy were to draft Rodgers with her 1st round pick, she would then be eligible to use Rodgers as a keeper for the 2016 season. That’s kind of a big deal. Perhaps that was Cathy’s plan all along.


 This was supposed to be the Woodville Pecker’s year. Maybe not a championship year, but a post season run to put the Schmidt Schmidt franchise in the conversation for perennial contenders. The draft went well for the Peckers. Schmidt was able to come away with the best fantasy quarterback and wide receiver and on paper he had the league’s top running back in LeSean McCoy. Unfortunately. McCoy was unable to hold his value as he finished the season ranked #12.

LeSean McCoy isn’t the sole reason for the Pecker’s short comings in 2014. The 2014 Peckers failed to reach expectations due to a severe lack of depth. Once you get past the top 3 players in Luck, Brown, and McCoy, it’s a wasteland of “..who?” and “…really”? Yeah, Julian Edelman is a good player, but he’s not moving the needle at all. Same goes for Sammy Watkins the rookie. Watkins has the potential to be a stud in this league, but he needs to have a stud QB throwing him the ball. Not Kyle Orton.

By the way, Kyle Orton, I’m pretty sure, is a long lost Siedl brother.



One thing I never really understood about Kyle Orton was why the sleeves on his jersey were sooooo long? Is that not cumbersome when trying to throw the ball? Look at how easy it looks for Matt Ryan to throw a pass in his jersey below.


Now look at Orton

kyle orten

What an absolute animal.

With Antonio Brown and Andrew Luck poised to return to Woodville in 2015, once again the outlook for Schmidt Schmidt is bright. No pressure, dude.

 Alright. On to the playoff teams. You’ll notice that the next six teams get a little more attention and that’s because they deserve it. You know, ‘cuz they were good enough to make the playoffs.



Draft night 2014. EVP is forced to use his phone for the draft as Cathy was using his laptop. No big deal, he prepared and tested this plan a handful of times beforehand with no hiccups or red flags to make EVP reconsider. The 1st round goes well as the Dundas Blues take Julio Jones. Thugs-R-Us designated Adrian Peterson as a keeper, and Green’N’Yello did the same with Aaron Rodgers to finish out round 1. EVP was in prime position to pick anybody left on the board as he knew Cathy would take either Jordy Nelson or Randal Cobb. Dundas Blues had planned to either take whichever Green Bay WR OR LeVeon Bell of Pittsburgh. Either way, his 2nd round pick is going to be a good, can’t-miss pick. Oh, but the Samsung Galaxy locked up. It froze. The Dundas Blues had only 90 seconds to reboot the phone, sign back in, and make their pick. Well obviously that didn’t happen. The Dundas Blues reverted to auto-pick with no pre draft rankings. EVP was at the mercy of the clowns at Yahoo.com that are responsible to the default player rankings. So with the 2nd pick of the 2nd round, EVP brought home Andre Ellington. Not the end of the world. EVP was able to sign back into his draft and finish the remaining 15 rounds and grab studs like Emmanuel Sanders and first half stud Phillip Rivers.

The Dundas Blues would follow their above average draft by going 1-1 to start the season. A deflating loss to Beats By Ray, and a very underwhelming win over the Woodville Peckers. It was at this point the 3rd year veteran made perhaps the best trade in league history sending Vincent Jackson and Benny Cunningham for Jeremy Hill and Kelvin Benjamin. By year’s end the players sent to the Dundas Blues would outscore their counterparts by 140.70 points. Sorry, Vosters.

After that trade, the Dundas Blues responded by going 0-4. Jesus Christ!!!

At the end of week 6 the Dundas Blues were a franchise worst 1-5. One win. Five losses. The playoffs were out of the question and EVP was faced with options of tanking the rest of the season in hopes of being able to land the 1st overall pick, or going on the greatest run in league history and streak his way into the playoffs. EVP went with option #2 and was able to finish the season going 6-1 with an incredible 6 game win streak. The Dundas Blues were able to achieve a 7-6 record, good enough to snag the 5th spot in the 2014 post season, one spot ahead Favre Dolla Footlong. EVP is one of few teams to have achieved a post season birth every year in league history.

This surge to the playoffs was both a blessing, and an awful, horrible curse. Had EVP only been good enough to reach the 6th seed, he would have had a 1st round matchup against ThankYouLordBreesus, and he would have thumped Abby by 26 points. Instead the Dundas Blues faced off against post season krytponite Thugs-R-Us who secured a heartbreaking 3 point victory. Emphasis on heart breaking. That loss is half the reason this recap took so damn long. After having put together the run I had just to get into the playoffs to have it all end like that….c’mon man.


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