Robyn comes in to her fifth season having only made the playoffs once (2014). Coming off of a 2015 campaign in which Puddlemere United came in garbage-ass tenth, obviously there is room for improvement. Robyn’s draft day roster suggests a much stronger showing in 2016 as Puddlemere Graded out at the top of the league.

The Western division is always going to be tough with perennial powerhouse TakeIt2TheLimit, and new addition, PowerBottons. Maybe we even get a strong showing from the Nebraska teams The 11th and Lincoln Llamas…..probably not though.



7th, 9th, 2nd, 9th. Three of the last four years have been a shit show for Vosters, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Favre Dolla Footlong had their best year in 2014, riding DeMarco Murray and Jordy Nelson all the way to a 2nd place finish. However, since Demarco Murray departed Dallas, Voster’s hasn’t been able to achieve any sort of success….even if his wife sets his lineup for him.



Brrrrrrrrrrrrad takes over the dumpster that was Full Blown Fades/Beats By Ray/Josh. The same team that gift wrapped a 1st round pick late in the season for an ill-fated playoff push. Without a first round pick, things didn’t go very well in 2015. In fact, the only team to finish below Full Blown Fades were the lowly, lowly, Lincoln Llamas.

However, with new ownership in town, the fans of Power Bottoms have reason to be optimistic. Perhaps Brad has the answers to turn this thing around. Or maybe the fans will get another heaping helping of mediocrity. A devastating injury to Teddy Two-gloves wasn’t a good start to 2016.



The Lincoln Llamas haven’t finished higher than 7th since their entry into the league in four years ago. Knowing this, Becky was a little hesitant to return for a 2016 campaign, but reluctantly, after some convincing, the Lincoln Llamas are back for a 5th year.

I’m not sure if this is by design, or lack of interest, but Becky opted to have Yahoo autopick her roster. Either way this is easily the best squad the Llamas of Lincoln have had to start the season. Might this signal a shift in power in the Western Division?



The 11th and the Lincoln Llamas will always be linked together. Not just because the team owners share a house(and soon a last name) but because usually around week 7 or 8, The 11th will(attempt) to cherry pick all of the Lincoln Llamas best talent. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I don’t think that will be the case this year as Andrew, like Becky, enters 2016 with his strongest roster in team history.

When The 11th reached for Gronk so early in the 1st round I thought it was a mistake, but looking at the rest of the roster, that “reach” paid off for him.


Jordan, still possessing the best team name in our league, returns after an up and down freshman season that ended in the 7th spot, just outside of the playoffs. Inheriting a team that had 2 1st round picks, and keeping DeAndre Hopkins with a 9th round pick, the deck was heavily stacked in Jordan’s favor. However, a sub-par draft was truly too much to overcome.

Jordan avenged last season by churning out the league’s highest rated draft in the league. 2016 does not start out very easy as the LowerEastLeviathans face off against the defending champs in week 1.



Kitty Kitty Kitty Cath has had a tumultuous fantasy football career since winning the championship in 2013.  Following their ’13 title, Green’N’Yello finished 11th in 2014, but surged back to relevancy in 2015 with a 3rd place finish.

Repeatedly locking Aaron Rodgers in as a 1st round pick has handicapped Cathy’s squad in terms of having talent at RB or WR. This will be Aaron Rodgers 4th year in a row leading Green’N’Yello.

With the draft being on the eve of her first day of work, Cathy opted to use the Yahoo autopick. This resulted in Green’N’Yello’s worst draft grade in team history.



Much like Cathy, Abby has had Drew Brees on her team for what feels like an eternity. Every year Drew Brees. Drew Brees every year. Maybe it will actually pay off this year as Brees was just award a nice, savory contract extension. DamnYouDrewBrees was wise to pair their QB and newly acquired TE in Coby Fleener. Fleener should have been good in Indianapolis with his college teammate Andrew Luck, but he is having a hard time justifying his own payday right now.

Abby has been burdened with having to co-manage her husband’s team for the past couple of years. Any will conveniently have to go play for mass Sunday morning while Abby scrambles to field a respectable lineup for Favre Dolla Footlong.

Abby, you the real MVP.



I cant say I’m a fan of Mike’s new team name. I get the reference, but when I say “take it to the limit” aloud, it reminds me of the opening credits for the 30 for 30 of Tim Richmond, the Nascar driver who died of AIDS. The Opening credits have this song playing in the background

This is the face I think of when I read your team name, dude. I’m just sayin…


Anyways, Mike has been a perennial contender since the league’s inception, and I don’t have any reason to believe he won’t be a factor in 2016



EVP has enjoyed consistent success during the regular season, making it to the post season every year thus far. However, once the playoffs start, the Dundas Blues meet Mike Hietpas in the playoffs and are ruthlessly, unceremoniously eliminated. EVERY. FUCKING. YEAR.

Perhaps this is the year that EVP gets over the hump, but 2016 has gotten off to a rocky start. Minutes after the draft EVP’s phone blew up with league members eager to point out the Dundas Blue’s draft grade. Ugh.

Panicking to draft a QB, EVP settled on Dak Prescott after plans of grabbing Carson Palmer were foiled.

Man, does EVP have egg on his face. Almost as bad as the dude that thought Jhavid Best was going to take the league by storm….





Sam entered the league in 2012 and took the league by storm. Cruising to the #1 overall seed, Rookie Mistake fell short in the playoffs. Sam followed that up by not participating in 2013, and a 7th place finish in 2014.

2015 saw Rookie Mistake return to prominence as Sam’s squad pulled off the upset of the year in knocking Mike out of the playoffs. This is almost as bad for Mike as getting thrown out at home plate by a 12 year old Brad Vosters.

Sam did her patented autopick on draft night which yielded her a respectable, if not overly exciting team.


Finally we get to the defending league champ. Schmidt Schmidt took home the gold in just his third year I the league. Relying heavily on prolific WR Antonio Brown, and surprise fantasy football juggernauts, Devonta Freeman, and David Johnson. Schmidt brings back said Devonta Freeman and a head scratcher in Letavius Murray. Not that Murray isn’t any good but David Johnson was an option with a 13th round pick.





Congratulations to the Woodville Peckers on their 2015-16 WSC Fantasy Football Championship




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