Week 3 Recap


Undefeated in fantasy football. Check. Nebraska Corn Huskers undefeated at 4-0. Check. Man, Andrew is going to be walking around his wedding on Saturday like:


This is easily the best start out of either Nebraska/Colorado team. I forgot that the Post/Meulemans moved to Colorado.


Ballerado if you dig 3Oh!3


Anyways, the 11th has made a living in 2016 beating up on the lesser teams of World Supreme Championship Fantasy Football. Taking out fiancée in week 1, and destroying Power Bottoms in week 3. I will give props for being able to trump TakeItToTheLimit in week 2, but other than that, I’m not convinced that this is a team made for the long haul. I guess we will see.



The Peckers of Woodville were off to a terrific start. The 2016 season appeared to be year 2 of Schmidt Schmidt’s back to baaaack title run. Then Marvin Jones happened. Schmidt would be wise to write a strongly worded letter to Dom Capers regarding his use of the prevent defense for an entire half. Speaking of Dom Capers, what the fuckin’ fuck is that on top of Dom’s head?








Things don’t get any easier for the defending champ as he takes on the 1st place squad of the 11th.



Its matchups like Nikolay’s(can we still call her that?) week 3 matchup that made league officials consider some kind of mercy rule. Embarassing Puddlemere United by nearly 100 points is as impressive a victory as we have seen in the short history of this league. Part of it is Puddlemere United putting up such a low score with 70. However, being able to put up 168 points in a standard format league? Sure, in a PPR league 150+ is pretty common, but to drop 168 in a standard league is incredible.


Good for you, Glenn Coco!!



Perhaps the upset of the week, Green’N’Yello trounced the defending champs 157 to 107. A 50 point beat down on the backs of Marvin Jones, and Terelle Pryor. Combining for more than 50 points alone, that’s too much trouncing!! The reemergence of Aaron Rodgers, and the continued early season success of THE Carlos Hyde has been icing on the cake.

Maybe one of the better draft pick was Cathy getting DeVante Parker in the 7th round. He hasn’t reach stud status just yet, but he is well on his way. Let’s hope Ryan Tannehill can eventually figure how to stop playing like poop.


Week 4 will be a struggle for Cathy as she is tasked with having to replace Aaron Rodgers on his very early, no good bye week. Is Jamis Winston the answer?



Mike was in danger of starting the 2016 season at 1-2. One of the worst starts to the season in franchise history. I’m going to give the Lincoln Llamas the benefit of the doubt and assume had Becky not been preoccupied with last minute wedding details, she probably starts Tevin Coleman and(maybe) Kirk Cousins. Those two would have been enough to get the W.

Either way, good teams find a way to win, and that’s exactly what Mike did. After Tom Brady’s suspension is over, the rest of the league might be in a little bit of trouble. TakingItToTheLimits obsession with keeping Charles Sims on his team has finally paid off and Sims is making hay while the Doug Martin is shining injured. Maybe because his dad is a Tampa Bay fan? Mike Evans, Charles Sims, why don’t you have Winston, dude? I’m sure Cathy would cut him loose for Jordy Nelson.

Sounds like a fair trade to me.


TakingItToTheLimit squares up with LowerEastLeviathans in week 4. Your is currently a 6 point dog, dawg.



Underwhelming performances from Antonio Brown, CJ Anderson,  Jeremy Maclin, and Eli Manning weren’t enough to keep Jordan down in week 3. TY Hilton clinched this victory with a late game 80+ yard touchdown which was the difference. It is strange to see Eli Manning on Jordan’s roster, because during my time as Jordan’s roommate, not many things made him as happy as he was when making fun of Eli Manning.  I’ll give you a nice deal on a gently used Carson Wentz if it helps you out, dude.

Jordan’s 2-1 record is good enough for 6th place, 3 in the Eastern divison. Speaking of divisions, I realize that they are a little out of whack this year. Rookie Mistake should be in the west as Sam resides in the Minnesota-ish region.

I’d like to go ahead and reiterate the fact that Jordan’s team name is the best in the league. Supernatural season 11 is scheduled to be streaming on Netflix starting October 8th. Can’t wait.

Jordan faces the overachieving TakingItToTheLimit in week 4.



The luckiest dude in fantasy football. Week 1, wins by .5 points despite scoring only 85 points. Week 3, Favre Dolla Footlong wins by nine points despite scoring only 75 points. Good grief!! Why can’t I luck into this kind of schedule? Vosters could sit his QB and his defense and still manage to eek out a victory. I don’t get it. Must be from playing in the soft Western Division…amirite?!

If Favre Dolla Footlong gets into the playoffs, and the Dundas Blues don’t this league is going to shutter it’s doors for good. Lock it up.

Favre Dolla Footlong continues their cupcake schedule in week 4 against the lowly, uninspiring PowerBottoms



EVP has scored the 7th most points in the league and sits in the 8th seed, so it’s not like he is the victim of some scheduling injustice. Had he followed his rule of avoiding Thursday night games whenever possible, he would be looking at a 2-1 record thanks to Kyle Rudolph. Instead the Dundas Blues panicked at the last second and shoved Martellus Bennett in the lineup.

Not that Jordan wasn’t worthy of the victory, but EVP needs to get out of his own way. This has been his downfall since this league started. LEARN TO MANAGE YOUR TALENT, STUPID!!!

I think we can all agree that choosing to hang on to Jeremy Langford instead of Matt Forte has been the 2nd worth mistake of the year. 1st being the release of Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph when Teddy Two-gloves got injured. Looking at you, Brad.



I honestly thought Becky was going to upset Mike this week. Projections were in her favor for most of Sunday afternoon, but the Lincoln Llamas just weren’t able to hang on. Still though, the Lincoln Llamas just seem to be a different team this season. Becky isn’t looked at as an easy victory, or a tune up game anymore. Even if the Lincoln Llamas don’t make a deep post season run, it appears as though things are looking up for the fans of Lincoln.

Speaking of which, maybe Becky needs to change the team name since her and Andrew no longer live in Nebraska anymore? Just sayin’

The Lincoln Llamas go into week 4 looking to make an example of the vulnerable Green’N’Yello



Bro, how are you only going to score 69 points? When I announced that Brrrrrrad Maurice was taking over for the garbage team that Josh kept trotting out, I felt as though we had a nice competitive balance to the league now. Brad’s season thus far has been a let down to this point. Yes, it is only week 3, but I can’t say that I have seen anything to convince me that Power Bottoms are a threat in 2016.

There is still plenty of season to turn this thing around. Starting Daren Sproles would be a good start.

You guys remember when Teddy Bridgewater injured his knee and Brad dropped both Kyle Rudolph and Stefon Diggs within an hour? Well those two have combines for 60ish points. That would have gone a long way for Power Bottoms.



I hate to lump you guys into the same recap but I ran out of time this week. Your season thus far is pretty much the same.

You guys play each other this week so one of you will get your first victory and the other will start 0-4. 0-4 is not a death sentence, but it will be an uphill battle the rest of the season. The Dundas Blues started their 2014 season 1-5 and managed to make the post season.

I have faith,



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